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Helena Szepe

Phone: 813-974-4531

Research Goals:

  • Examining the role of manuscript and printed books in the visual culture of Venice from the fourteenth through sixteenth centuries.
  • Addressing the formulation of civic identity in Venetian manuscript illumination.


Phillip Sipiora

CPR 358D
Phone: 813-974-9465
Fax: 813-494-8877
Alternative Email:

Keywords: Twentieth-Century Literature, narrative theory, film, rhetoric
Research Goals:

  • To explore and explain narrative techniques in twentieth-century literature.
  • To explore and explain techniques of film interpretation.
  • To explore and explain the relationship between rhetoric and grammar in literature and film.

Rita Ciresi

Office: CPR 320
Phone: 813-974-9570

Keywords: Fiction and nonfiction writing
Research Goals:

  • Writing seventh piece of full-length fiction
  • Writing personal essays


Fraser Ottanelli – Certificate Program Coordinator

Office: SOC 271
Phone: 813-974-6209
Fax: 813-974-6228

Keywords: post-1865 US history, U.S. radicalism, immigration to the U.S., U.S. ethnicity, U.S. labor, U.S. 1900-1945, the Great Depression, Italian migration, Communism, Fascism, 20th century Italy
Research Goals:

  • To study the intricate connections that link the experiences of migration, international class solidarity, multi-ethnic labor organizations, and the development of national and ethnic identities.

Giovanna Benadusi

Office: SOC 291
Phone: 813-974-3948
Fax: 813-974-6228

Keywords: Renaissance and early modern Italy, European legal and social culture, gender
Research Goals:

  • To recognize how the ostensibly powerless produced history by analyzing legal texts.
  • To better understand the origins and development of Soviet identity and citizenship.
  • To understand how (in 16th-17th centuries Italy) a government institution dispensed justice and how, in the process, created new forms of control and domination along gender and class lines.
  • To understand the process through which notions of family and state were refashioned during state building in 16th-18th century Italy.

Julie Langford

Office: SOC 213
Phone: 813-974-3249
Fax: 813-974-6228

William Murray

Office: SOC 267
Phone: 813-974-6241
Fax: 813-974-6228

Humanities and Cultural Studies

Naomi Yavneh

Office: CPR 107
Mailpoint: CPR 107
Phone: 813-974-9393

Keywords: Italian Renaissance, gender, spirituality, maternity, childbirth, breastfeeding, the body, women writers, virginity, Moderata Fonte, Petrarchism
Research Goals:

  • To produce a scholarly monograph treating the representation of the body of the Virgin Mary in literature visual art of the Renaissance and Baroque periods
    To produce a monograph (under advance contract with the Modern Language Association) entitled Teaching Women Writers of the Renaissance.

World Languages

Ava Chitwood

Office: CPR 419
Mail Point: CPR 107
Phone: 813-974-1755

Keywords: Keywords: Greek, Greek culture and mythology, Latin, philosophy of the ancients, Greek tragedian Aeschylus

Patrizia La Trecchia

Office: CPR 0419
Mailpoint: CPR 419
Phone: 813-974-2548

Keywords: Italian Literature, Comparative Literature, cinema, the interconnections between cinema and literature, popular culture of Naples in a global context
Research Goals:

  • Italian and European film
  • Cultural Studies
  • Globalization
  • Popular Culture
  • The “Italian Southern Question”
  • The Italian American Diaspora

Joanne Frallicciardi Lyons

Office: CPR 441
Phone: 813-974-3798