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Italian Studies Program

The College of Arts and Sciences and the College of The Arts offer a certificate in Italian Studies. The history of the geographic expression that today we call Italy is the sum of many particular histories and cultures. Yet, in their diversity and diaspora, the people of Italy have preserved, through time and place, a sense of common identity. For this reason, to understand the complexity of past and present experiences of Italians in the peninsula and of their descendants abroad, the Undergraduate Certificate in Italian Studies is designed with a broad interdisciplinary perspective.
The certificate encompasses courses in several departments in two colleges. The majority of courses will focus on the study of history and culture of the people who inhabit or originated from the Italian peninsula and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily from pre-historic times to the present. In addition, however, offerings will also focus on the Italian diaspora with specific reference to the experiences of people of Italian descent in the many nations in which they settled from the early 19th century to the present.
Students are required to take between 23 and 28 semester hours from a list of courses approved for the certificate. A Faculty Advisory Committee will coordinate the Certificate of Italian Studies. Students may receive credit for courses, not included in the below list, or (if circumstances require it) may substitute a required course with another, by petitioning and if approved by the Advisory Committee.

NOTE: Students may apply a maximum of sixteen credits in the same department toward fulfilling the requirements for the certificate.

Certificate Requirements: 23-28 semester hours

A .PDF copy of the Program Requirements is available here for download.

Students must demonstrate proficiency in Italian or complete two semesters of language courses chosen from the following courses.

ITA 1120 Beginning Italian I
ITA 1121 Beginning Italian II
ITA 2200 Intermediate Italian I
ITA 2240 Italian Conversation I
ITA 2241 Italian Conversation II
ITA 3420 Composition
LAT 1120 Beginning Latin I

Each student will take three courses at the 3000 or 4000 level on topics related to Italy in either Art History (ARH), Italian literature and culture (ITW), or History (HIS). However, only one course will be allowed from each department.

Students will take 6-8 credits of elective courses related to Italy. Course topics may vary. The following lists some of the possible courses:

ANT 4143 European Archaeology
ANT 4930 Special Topics in Anthropology*

Art History:
ARH 4318 Venetian Art [instructor’s consent]
LIT 4930 Special Topics in English Studies*
Government and International Affairs:
POT 4936 Selected Topics in Political Theory*
THE 4480 The Theatre of Luigi Pirandello

EUH 3412 Roman Republic
EUH 3413 Roman Empire
HIS 3930 Society and Politics in the Italian Renaissance
HIS 3930 Special Topics*

World Languages:

CLA 3123 Roman Civilization
CLT 3102 Roman Literature in Translation
ITA 1120 Beginning Italian I
ITA 1121 Beginning Italian II
ITA 2200 Intermediate Italian I
ITA 2240 Italian Conversation I
ITA 2241 Italian Conversation II
ITA 3420 Composition
ITA 3470 Overseas Study
ITW 4100 Survey of Italian Literature I
ITW 4101 Survey of Italian Literature II
ITW 4905 Directed Study
LAT 1120 Beginning Latin I

*Please see academic advisor for appropriate Special/Selected Topics courses.

Study Abroad


Students in the Italian Studies Certificate program are strongly encouraged to study abroad for the summer, a semester or a year in the USF in Italy program or in any other accredited program. The Faculty Advisory Committee will determine which courses taken as part of the overseas experience will count toward fulfilling the requirements for the certificate.